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Brij BugTrap Consultancy Pty. Ltd.
  broad-based services provided include expert identification on pest and insect, bugs, any quarantine insects, monitor and advice on the pest behaviour and help in eradication.
Brij BugTrap Consultancy Pty. Ltd.

are specialised in insects, bugs, pests and various quarantine insect. We are also an accredited business with the state quarantine for inspection of western flower thrip and other quarantine pests and diseases, therefore the services provided are to monitor, inspect and give expert advice in entomology and plant diseases.

Our main clients are horticultural and agricultural farmers such as flower growers, tomato growers, nurseries, ornamental and horticultural growers etc. Apart from the services mentioned above we are also in process of introducing silk industry as an alternative farming method.

Members of the Brij Bugtrap Consulting are well qualified and have obtained a relevant tertiary education overseas and also locally, at the same time also having diverse knowledge with hands on experience in the industry for last 15 years.

If you would like to get more information in regards to any of the services provided that are mentioned above or any other aspect of the business that you are unsure about, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on (03) 9711 5928.

Alternate contacts would be to fax your request on 03 9711 7592.or email us on info@bbtcpl.com.

Diagnostic Services

  To provide diagnostic services in the areas of plant health, insects, weed control, soil, water and nematode screening and where appropriate, the control recommendations.

At Brij BugTrap Consultancy (BBTCPL) we have Pest, Agronomy and a Pathology Management Unit. The laboratory is open all year round. BBTC employs the most up-to-date technology and expertise to provide accurate diagnosis and up to date recommendations, with the ability to assist you on any Horticultural issues relating to nursery management. Between the staff and associates we have a wealth of valuable knowledge, skills, and experience.

The team consists of a unique blend of entomology, agronomy and pathology skills that offer you a complete package in the management of both new and existing agricultural and horticultural issues.

Staff and associates working for the consultancy have high and relevant qualifications, and wide ranging practical experience in pest and disease control in agriculture and horticulture.


BBTCPL offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic services, which include identification of pests, quarantine pests, disease and weed problems, as well as soil and water testing, and nematode testing. (For a detailed Service and Fee Schedule, please call on 03 9711 5928.)

BBTCPL provides regular scouting and monitoring program inclusive of diagnostic services in areas of plant health, insects and soil screening. Where appropriate provision of the control recommendations

  BBTC has a system that involves an extensive report on any diagnostic services it provides. In case of quarantine pest identifications, BBTC faxes the report sheets to the client and where it is appropriate to the Department concerned.

Western Flower Thrip (WFT) Services Inspection Time

  The turn around time of the result depends on the urgency of the request by the client. However, for WFT, the trapping results are expected to be 3-4 working days from the date the traps are received, but may be longer during peak periods. The inspection and reporting of all the traps would be guaranteed to be less than 7 working days.
Inspection Results

The results positive or negative will be faxed or emailed directly to the client and the same records will be faxed to the Officer-in-charge, Plant Standards, DNRE, Victoria.

Any matters relating to quarantine pests or an incursion of WFT in Victoria will be liaised at the request of the client with the Senior Officer Plant Protection and Market Access at Plant Standards, DNRE. The liaising strategy will be strictly adhered to and confidence will be maintained at all times. The results will only be given to the appropriate authority.

Inspection Results if Positive

If an incursion occurs, the consultant will contact the authority of the Company and Senior Officer Plant Protection and Market Access at Plant Standards, DNRE before faxing the results.

The action taken on an incursion will be strictly according to the advice of the Senior Officer Plant Protection and Market Access at Plant Standards, DNRE. The consultant will mediate between DNRE, Plant Standards and the client at all times until the problem is contained or resolved. At all times strict rules and regulations will be adhered to, and in confidence.

On the event of an incursion, the consultant has to liaise with DNRE, on behalf of the industry and the charges will be discussed at that time. The charges will be for assistance and advice given by the consultant and will be charged on hourly rates + GST including travel costs. At all times the matter will be discussed before proceeding with the job.

The terms and conditions of the payment are strictly 14 days from the time of invoicing.

  Person: Sarita Kulkarni
Company: Brij BugTrap Consultancy Pty Ltd.
Phone: (03) 9711 5928; P/Fax: (03) 9711 7592; Mob: 0419 117068
WEBSITE: www.bbtcpl.com
Email: sarita@bbtcpl.com or saritakulkarni@optusnet.com.au
  Fee for services: (few listed here)
  Fees quoted are as guidance and subject to change without notice. Please contact the consultancy for individual quotes.



Time: Approximate time shown, may prolong during peak period. # Price Per Sample/Trap + 10% GST

Thrip identification
Microscopic examination to species level (Western Flower Thrip, WFT) (Charges for clients on the WFT protocol and long-term contract)
Time: 3-4 working days

Thrip identification
Microscopic examination and identified to species level (Western Flower Thrip, WFT) Clients not on long-term contract
Time: 3-4 working days
General trap result: WFT + 2 more insects
Microscopic examination of WFT + 2 more insects
Time: 4-5 working days
$ 9.00
Basic insect identification
To Order level. Microscopic examination for 30min. Maximum of 5 insects
Time: 3-4 working days
General insect identification
On traps or pit fall samples; microscopic examination for 2hrs. Maximum of 5 insects (pest/beneficial)
Time: 5-6 working days

Fees are subject to change without notice.
Fees for bulk testing are available on application and fees for long- term clients are available on application.
Consulting charges will be charged for additional interpretation and remedial information.
The charges for all the consultancy work, report writing, research time, internet search on the project, advice, and the travel will have to be paid in part before the job is conducted.
Should any tests be cancelled after initial reporting the part charges that have been incurred will be charged along with the microscopic examination fees.

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